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Tips for achieving gold dust national coverage

National and business press coverage is what every client wants and what all PRs dream about. Yet it can be tough to achieve.

So what’s the fuss all about? Well even with dwindling readership on many national titles, our clients rightly see the value and kudos of getting into the national press or having a prime time radio interview. It is still one of the best opportunities to get a message out to a mass audience.

We’ve seen the huge impact of a client being featured in the Financial Times– old clients get in touch to say they have seen the piece and in some cases it reminds them they might have some potential business coming up, job seekers call and new prospects come through. Such coverage can improve brand recognition, influence and sales. Our property clients who have had pieces in the Daily Mail, the Sunday Times and The Express have at times experienced nonstop phones calls from new leads.

Over the years we’ve learnt a great deal about what appeals to national journalists and broadcasters, as well as what doesn’t.

Here’s a few nuggets.

Tell a story – with real human interest. Every business has a story they just need to find the best angles. What is new and different? Are there customer case studies that can bring the business story to life?

Our client Homesitters recently had a full page personal finance pages of the Telegraph. The story wasn’t just about the company, it focused on its employees Janet and Steve Groom from Kent, who had given up their jobs five years ago to retire early to become full time homesitters. Their job involves them travelling around the UK and staying in people’s often luxurious homes when they go on holiday and looking after their pets. The Grooms sold their home and moved to a much smaller property to be able to afford their home sitting lifestyle. Now they earn up to £300 a month and get to stay in luxurious places across the UK. You can read the story here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/ultimate-downsize-sold-home-now-get-paid-live-peoples/

Have a bold opinion – vanilla won’t cut it. Journalists need pithy and interesting opinion. To be part of the debate, the comments must add something new most importantly, be timely.

If a story breaks that is relevant and our clients can add to the debate, our being quick off the mark can lead to some great results. For example, a journalist was recently writing on the campaign to axe stamp duty in the Express and we ensured that comments from our client Peter Girling, Chairman of Girlings Retirement Rentals were included.

Offer expert advice – the nationals and business press want advice from experts for their readers. They need practical nuggets for their readers (often business leaders) on interesting and newsworthy topics.
We regularly achieve coverage like this in the Guardian and other titles. Here’s our client Stephen Archer, a business leadership coach and director of Spring Partnerships providing his top tips for The Guardian on how to be a good boss. The Guardian also featured a piece from our client Marielena Sabatier, CEO, Inspiring Potential on how to be an emotionally intelligent leader.
So if you want to get your business some national focus attention, we are looking for new clients. Please contact us at Kayak PR.