Kayak PR | Public Relations Kingston


Our team has a great deal of experience within the technology sector and has worked with high profile brands from security software clients like MessageLabs, through to telecoms companies such as Telstra Europe and cloud providers such as WorkPlaceLive

Within this fast paced industry, we ensure our clients’ voices are heard through a proactive and issues based approach.


Our strong relationships with the technology trade press means they regularly approach us for expert comment and viewpoint blogs and articles from clients.

Telstra Europe

Directed the UK PR programme from 2004–2007, leading European agencies


Ran an issues-based PR campaign to position this hosted desktop company as a leader in its field. Campaign highlights included coverage in the Guardian, Daily Mail and a regular stream of business and IT press


Account Director for the UK PR team – leading the EMEA PR. Highlights included regular broadcast, national and high level IT trade press