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The Telegraph

It’s been a great start to our working relationship with our new client Homesitters who were featured in The Telegraph at the weekend, and The Sunday Times the week before.

This follows coverage in the Sunday Express which means that Homesitters has appeared in the national press for three of the last four weekends! Not bad for our third month working with them.

The Sunday Times wrote about the ‘grey nomads’ who travel the world and live rent-free looking after the houses and pets of the wealthy when they’re away. They featured Homesitters’ couple June and Mick Palmer who are regular sitters and spent the summer looking after a Labrador called Coco in a mansion with a swimming pool in the Surrey Hills. The piece was accompanied by a lovely photograph of the Palmers with some of their canine charges.

The Telegraph also focused on the glamorous side of Homesitting with a piece entitled, ‘How you can see the world one luxury pad at a time’ which featured Tim and Jill Clark who have been with Homesitters for 13 years. The Clarks now spend almost half the year in other people’s homes which include a chateau in the Dordogne and a 500-acre estate with an 18-bedroom house in the UK.

Tim Clark has acquired something of a Doctor Doolittle reputation having cared for more than 37 breeds of dogs, at least seven pedigree cats, numerous reptiles including a nest of 27 pythons, million-pound race horses, alpacas, ornamental fish, birds, rare-breed pigs and sheep, rodents and a bird-eating tarantula. 

The Clarks intend to homesit for as long as they are able saying, “We get to swim in the nicest pools, use the saunas and tennis courts and the animals have become like grandchildren. You have the fun of them and hand them back at the end of the day.”