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PR offers charities a cost-effective way of reaching new supporters and funders and ensuring their campaigns are front of mind.

We specialise in PR for not-for-profit organisations and companies that work in this sector. 

Our clients range from Trustees Unlimited – the specialist recruitment firm set up by Russam GMS, Bates Wells Braithwaite and NVCO, through to Sayer Vincent, the leading charity auditing firm, Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School and Agenda Consulting.

Our knowledge of the sector, our ability to write about the issues impacting not for profit organisations and our strong relationships with journalists ensures our clients get a share of the voice.

We understand the challenges facing the sector and guide our clients on how to achieve the best exposure for their budgets, including best use of digital PR which is a powerful tool for charities.

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Kathryn worked for Cutty Sark between 2005 and 2010 to help us to raise the profile of this important ship and ambitious conservation project. She always displayed immense professionalism and imagination.

Kathryn really came into her own from the day that the ship caught fire in 2007. This was a very high profile media story and Kathryn did the most extraordinary job in managing the media, not just in the UK abut around the world."

Stephen Archer, former director of communications, Cutty Sark Trust