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Our newest client Homesitters was delighted to be featured in this week’s Sunday Express when one of its homesitting couples, Jim and Ros Slaughter from Chichester were interviewed about their experiences in a piece entitled, “Looking after a pet can be good for body and soul – especially if you are retired.”

The piece was accompanied by a super photograph of Jim and Ros with some of the dogs they look after.

The Slaughters say they have been surrounded by pets all their lives and one of the biggest attractions of homesitting for them was the opportunity to look after other people’s dogs. Ros said “The pets are everything to us. We love staying in grand houses and we have some fabulous clients who are really interesting and lovely. Homesitting provides a real break from the routine and a chance to get fit walking the dogs.”

The Slaughters also like the fact that homesitting is very flexible. Jim said, “We wanted the freedom to travel extensively, visit new places and meet new people.”

To read the full article please click here.If you are interested in becoming a Homesitter like Jim and Ros Slaughter, we are currently recruiting, so please get in touch on 01296 630 730 or click here for further information.